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11-09-2012, 10:30 AM
The failing of new players in PvP (and indeed some veterans) is more about skill than anything else. My first few tries I still had my all-plasma all borg setup and the wrong BOFF setup for PvP. When I was with a half way decent team I still did pretty well. When I was with a bad team we got slaughtered. Changed my setup after some research on these forums, and my own personal survivability and damage output went up dramatically, but I still get slaughtered on a bad PuG team in my 25 dollar ship with PvP specific gear.

At the start of every match I type the same simple advice "don't rush in, work together and focus fire" and more often than not someone in the PuG charges willy-nilly into the fray at full impulse, followed by two more members of the team at perfectly timed intervals to allow the other team (if organized) to focus fire them into oblivion one by one.

I also see heal boats trying to DPS and other obvious mistakes.

When I play KDF side, I use my carrier which still has a full load of borg plasma (BoPs of course have disruptor) and always do quite well. It's the free T4 version of the ship, not the C-Store Upgrade. My personal view is that almost always in Fed -v- KDF the KDF side works well together and pays attention to what ships are on the team, whereas on the Fed side tends to be more of the "rush in at full impulse with no weapon power and die one by one" situation going on.

I agree that what we need is more compelling reasons for people to PvP, but also a certain amount of this is also up to the players. What follows is my suggestion to the VETERAN PvP crowd:

(this particularly applies to the PreMade Groups that work together well and are almost impossible for a PuG to beat)


Match begins, your well organized premade group gets into postion and lies in wait for the enemy to make a mistake (like flying willy-nilly into your teeth) and they happily comply.

Slaughter occurs. Between Danubes and TBR Spam and your MK XII (ACC)x3 weapons each enemy ship, separated from it's teammates dies ahorrible death in seconds.

Score is now 5-0.

Enemy team repeats all the same mistakes.

Score is now 10-0

This is now the veteran PvP players opportunity to improve PvP for all ...

IMHO if you care about the state of PvP and want full que and strong support for needed changes, you need to take this opportunity to HELP the enemy players learn.

It could be as simple as typing a friendly suggestion in zone.

You could go as far as to suggest in zone that since your premade team is obviously OP compared to the PuG you are fighting that if the PuG is wiling you will be glad to spend some time coaching them before finishing the match.

You could take the time to friend the obviously less experienced player and message them something like "Good try bud, new to PvP? If you ever want any advice or help learning more about PvP feel free to message me!"

In conclusion:

The first step to improving PvP in STO is to increase the raw numbers participating. If a new player loading all borg plasma in that shiny new C-Store Ship or the Mirror Ship they are so excited about goes into Arena five or so times and get's destroyed mercilessly they won't be back. They will FALSELY assume that they lost because they aren't willing to spend a ton money to P2W.

I know it goes counter to standard thinking to teach your enemy how to win, but the question is, do you want your carefully put together team to just win 15-0 and never have a great fight, or do you want to win 15-14 in a one hour slugfest against other knowledgeable players? If it's the latter, take a littlle time and reach out to the new players who are trying to PvP and help them get better.

PvP will begin to thrive when the average new player can join the que and wind up more often than not on a team of four experienced players that will be helpful. Increase our numbers and we hold more buying power and therefore influence with the devs.