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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
I'd rather not see another Star Wars movie after the mess that was made with the prequels and the direction the EU has taken since Phantom Menace came out.
I would rather not see another one either. The original trilogy were the only good movies. The prequels were garbage. The skill at story writing and character development required to believably take Annakin Skywalker from an annoying but likeable kid, to a terrible monster was waaaaaaay beyond George Lucas's abilities. Thus the entire trilogy ended up being crap. Seriously, it takes a master storyteller to make that story work, and even then it would be a challenge.

At this point I think the quality of the first Star Wars movies was largely a result of luck. And Harrison Ford being cast as Han Solo was a big part of the movies being decent. An actor with less ability would not have been able to pull off Han Solo like that, and I could easily see the character completely falling flat.

I have no hopes for further movies now that Disney has their hands on it either. It might be a step up from Lucas, but it's a very small step. Tron Legacy was garbage. It jettisoned all of the stuff that made the original good, and replaced it with special effects and a ridiculous faux-deeper-meaning plot that was nearly incoherent.

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