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Originally Posted by entnx01 View Post
You can have all 3 equipped to, say, a Tactical version and have access to all 3 console abilities.

I only have it on Tribble, but if it's the same version as on the live servers, the Aquarius escort and Chevron separation console abilities are either/or: You either get an Aquarius Escort to help you out and can't use Chevron separation until you call the Aquarius back, or you separate the saucer but can't launch the Escort until you call the saucer section back.
OK, so you can have the aquarius deployed and have the worker bees out or the chevron separated with worker bees out but not both.

I have been thinking about upgrading from my assault cruiser once I hit VA for my engineer. I have the MVAE for my other tac character so I wanted to try something different. I was looking at the odyssey, the escort carrier, atrox carrier, or the new vesta. I dont PVP and have not done STF in a long time.