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I admit, I find it very difficult to believe that Klingons would be helping Romulans, unless it was along the lines of a House of Duras thing.

It was hard enough to believe that they would help the Deferi.

I played through some of the New Romulus content on Tribble as a Fed, and I have to say that if KDF gets exactly the same missions, well, I just don't see Klingons being very interested in most of that.

Collecting harmless forest creatures for pets? No. Helping little squiddlies get back to momma? No. Collecting rocks and water samples? No. Rescuing Romulan colonists? Probably not.

That said, I like that the objectives in each area are very flexible. I can totally see Klingons hunting down Tal Shiar spies, taking on Hirogen hunters, fighting dangerous beasts for sport, etc. I can even see them being willing to do that stuff regardless of the fact that it's helping to establish a Romulan colony.

Klingon politics is an interesting subject, though. I just watched "DS9: Rules of Engagement" and was quite intrigued at how the tactics used by the Klingon Advocate fit with a Klingon worldview. I won't spoil anything, but the fact that the Klingons were willing to use deception and psychological warfare against Worf in order to obtain a politically strategic advantage over the Federation says a lot about Klingon politics being nothing but a different kind of battlefield.

My take-away from that is this: The Klingon Empire is willing to do whatever is necessary to gain an advantage over their enemies, and that there is practically no tactic that is considered dishonorable when dealing with dishonored enemies. Even perhaps praise-worthy, if it succeeds.

So how does that apply here? What's the High Council's game in regard to New Romulus?

Certainly, they would not want the Federation to control the situation. Nor would it escape them that the Remans are in control of the Vault and anything that gets them in the Remans' good graces is a good thing. The Empire doesn't want that falling into the hands of the Federation or the Tal Shiar or any of their enemies for obvious reasons.

Cryptic just needs to make sure that they spell that stuff out in-game somewhere, even if it's a reveal that comes later on.
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