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11-09-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
Advanced slavers *do* steal contraband, but not very much of it... I doubt mine will ever pay for themselves. Not worth it.

The B'rolth advanced BoPs were worth their dilithium asking price. With HY2 and quantums, those things do super spike damage. I look forward to buying the fleet BoP pets when my KDF fleet gets to tier V someday.

I don't believe any of the other advanced pets would be worth buying, though.
The To'Duj are worth it. def worth it.
Jury is still out on the BoP's. because unless theyve fixed the flightpath... having the extra cannons and torps is useless if they are never firing. (im curious to know if it is because i spend the 60K to get them right away then shelved them in favor of the toduj when i found out the pathing issues)

would like to get some use outta that 60K dil...

as for the slavers, they've already stolen over 100 contraband for me. (comes in spurts. 2 here 6 there etc.. I've gotten 16 on a single stf once)

and at 2000 for 5 of em.. they are on the way towards paying for themselves. *plus the green beams absolutely everywhere are fun to see!