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Oh, I agree! It is a good time for it, if you look at them. Let us crush them... but with what ships?

The Federation, The Fehk'Ihri, the Borg, the Tholians, not to mention the True Way, the Gorn rebels, the Orion and Nausicaan pirates that attack our starbases, and the legimate conflicts of rival houses within the Empire that need to be solved the traditional way... we just don't have enough resources to subjugate the Romulans right now.

I honestly believe the best thing for the game would be for the Romulans to "join" the KDF via mutual goals. I think the Iconians set the stage for that, as the Klingons are likely to take an aggressive posture while the Feds stick their heads in the sand. The Romulans are far more akin to the Klingons methodology of destroying enemies and handling problems. It also fits in with this diplomatic New Romulus stuff. An uneasy alliance makes sense given the circumstances.

It wouldn't need to be a permanent thing(so CBS doesn't get their panties in a twist), just a mutual sharing of resources and technology(ie ships and equipment). You could even give the Romulans their own UI, ship voices, command/base infrastructure, etc. Just count them as part of the KDF alliance,

It would go a long way to evening out balance between the existing factions (population, content, and ships). I personally can't believe Cryptic would be stupid enough to repeat their mistake by creating -another- underpopulated, under developed, low revenue faction. It makes far more sense to prop up the KDF faction with Romulan content.

The smart move is to create a strong second faction, both for game health and financial reasons.

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