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11-09-2012, 10:05 AM
And how often do you shoot at one target long enough for sensor analysis to raise up to 10? Also, Sci odyssey only has 2 tactical console slots, so it's base dmg isn't that high to begin with, even with FAW3 or APO1+FAW2 and such.

As for enemies other than STF gates and cubes - any non-cruiser cannon ship will blow them away faster before sensor analysis would raise to even remotely useful level on a beam boat ody.

Numbers are numbers, but I can say from experience, flying sci ody since its release, that in the end the dmg performance on this ship is nothing when compared to basically anything that can equip dual cannons.

Now we're getting vesta, which will have 3-4 tactical console slots, dual cannons and sensor analysis. I see no reason to go back to slow Ody now, honestly.

So I stand by what I said - if your not PvP-ing then there are way better ships to choose from than the Ody.

And stay away from the Atrox - complete waste of money. Get yourself a Recluse if you really want a FED cow... carrier.