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11-09-2012, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by naffoffpwe View Post
We have far too few maps to play on as it is already, so I would not support removing Solar Wind, unless there were a few new maps coming to replace it.
We def need a LOT more maps, and more scenario types for those maps. The maps should be simple maps though as far as resource demands go, to enable the players with less than uber systems to go in and have good gameplay.

Important to note that in multi player zones the overall lag can be affected by a lot of things including the lag from other players underpowered system trying to deal with a resource intensive map. How much this affect the STO game engine I do not know. I know that in other games this has a strong enough effect that in one particular game I played, a player could intentionally join the battle with a dial up connection and cause anyone withing viewing range of them to lag as the client tried to update the location etc. of that persons toon.

Maybe I am getting really unlucky with the teams I wind up a part of on this map and that is contributing, I truly do not know, I just know when matches are starting on this map, I usually see at least three people complain about the lag.