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Originally Posted by woerligen View Post
I am surprised to read it is not scam. I mean - peanut lab surveys for a Sci-Fi game sounds as Trojan-laden as possible.

What are answers that dis/qualify you? Any tips? With the positive results I read here, I might try it.
I don't know if I can provide insight in questions specifically that disqualify, but this is something that I noticed...

Some surveys will throw a question at you like "Click the number 3 to proceed", that way they can see if you are paying attention.

Also, I've noticed that some surveys will ask certain question multiple times, I presume to catch you, they may ask you like how many times did you do something.

Then further into the survey, they'll ask you again to see if you paying attention. And if the numbers don't match, disqualify.

I got caught a couple of times with this, sneaky and clever, because they usually will ask you the first time at the beginning, and then again towards the end.

Oh, another catch that I've seen. There are text boxes in some survey that require to type something in. Like why you did / didn't like something. And will not let proceed until you put something in.

So if you think that you're going to breeze through these things by clicking randomly and inserting jumbled text, it won't work.

Now, don't get me wrong, you can do them without giving away too much, but you do have to pay attention to what you are doing. These folks are completely stupid when they designed the surveys. It only requires a little bit of thought.

Other than that, and again be persistent and patient. I really can't stress this enough. They will come, you can even get some niced rewards. I've seen 300+ Zen survey being offered.

As a further example, yesterday, I completed surveys worth 700+ zen in one day.

Oh, and one more thing, I would stay away from the offers. They will either ask for personal info, like address, Social Security number and things like that. Most of them require you to download software to collect the Zen. these are going to be fraught with danger. Unless you have an air-tight AV setup or are using a machine that you don't mind getting bombed, go for it. Otherwise stick to the free surveys. The most they as for is country, state, and zip code.

Happy hunting.

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