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Well Bort needs to stop listening to that tiny farction of the PvP crowd and work on making Sci skills better - sci is so -unloved in this game I am actually worried that Vesta won't get as much penetration into the player base that it should. I could be the biggest hit this game has seen since the Oddy - but the low hull and nerfed sci -skills are holding a lot of players back - and that is sad for such a costly and beautiful ship.

And from a hull stand-point I don't think there is any reason it should not have the same as the Wells - 30K
Lets not pretend the Vesta is anything but OP in any situation you put it in. Trying to hang the pure science weakness around a multi-strength ship like the vesta is laughable at best. Nobody in their right mind is looking at that ships specs and layouts and doing anything but drooling, whether it be PvE or PvP. It takes the very best aspects of a Science ship and has only one of the weakness(low hull). Trying to pin on the pure science woe-is-me tag is ridiculous.

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