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11-09-2012, 10:29 AM
There are also legal constraints, if elements of the game are too similar to another, the game could be in violation of another developers copyrights. Everything incorporated in the game has to be approved by the franchises license holder, so changes can't be made without considerable legal groundwork.
If this were an element of the game that everyone was forced to use then there might be reason to expand on what can be done from the bridge, for instance, warping out to sector space puts you automatically in bridge view navigation mode, given that you can't do anything but navigate it would be ideal for a bridge view command system since sector navigation is the most visually uninteresting aspect of the game. Unfortunately, the fact is ship interiors are for the most part optional and with few exceptions the game is entirely playable without going to the bridge. This game is not, nor will it ever be, Star Trek Bridge Commander, that is a different game and with so many other outstanding issues that need attention in this game, redesigning the game client to add something that would only be of interest to a few isn't ever likely to be a consideration.