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I kinda mentioned this on the current incarnation of the 'Defiant Battle Cloak' thread, but I will elaborate more on it here.

The Klingons would be willing to help out the Romulans, not out of the goodness of their warrior's hearts, but because of what it could get them in the future.

Take the Tal Shiar as an example. They are still numerous and powerful, even with the death of Hakeev. Starfleet has the resources and ships, but are stretched thin due to the multi-frontal war of the game. The Klingons are as well, but not as severely compared to Starfleet, since they aren't going around sending relief supplies and such, or exploring, etc.

So they would have many more ships biting at the bit to have an excuse to go and conquer. Sure they might not just outright attack the new independent Romulans, due to also having Starfleet's backing, but they will help them to see what they might learn and receive as 'allies'.

At the very least, attacking the Tal Shiar, gaining their tech and resources from it all would be exactly what they Klingons would want, especially in the realm of cloaking technology. The big example I mean from this is the Scimitar and the respective class from what, with it's 'perfect cloak'. Not to mention what the Romulans would be willing to trade in turn for their help.

While this is all cross-faction content, to me, it means more than I originally thought about what the Klingons might get out of this. Heck, it would really lead to some interesting possible missions and even new C-store ships and such in the future.
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