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11-09-2012, 11:21 AM
yeah, this are great suggestions for PvP, they really should put up some rewards in it and also objectives/missions to make it more fun. Now primary objective in arena is: enter arena, try to get 15 kills, end of match here is your LOLZy 20k EC`s now u can go and FUYS`s. yeah, no1 rly likes to play it just bcs off that. (offcourse sometimes PvP matches are rly fun, if happens that PUG vs PUG are ballanced, which is extremlly rare thing)

I hope that DEV`s will understand why are we bitc***g arround all the time, and put some effort in PvP developing, and NOT giving us the BS that we are hearing all the time, "umm, yeah, we`r considering about improoving pvp gamplay, but currently we r bussy with season X, so FU"

(sry 4 typos, i`m Croatian, don`t know how to spell all words correctly)