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11-09-2012, 12:29 PM
Your fleetmate is on crack.

Tell him to load photons and use two purple torpedo doffs.

His DPS even on single fire will skyrocket.

Transphasics are absolutely terrible weapons. They get the lowest damage boost when using torpedo skills and have the absolute lowest damage of any torp. The bleedthrough amount is useless. Transphasic also have much higher delay in firing than a photon torpedo.

When you math it out, the photon torpedo out-damages IN BLEED-THROUGH damage, the Transphasics when you fire them at a target over 20 seconds time.

But it does not ever reach those 20 seconds. The photon's much higher damage, even after the shield reduction, will kill the ship's shields..and then one single photon hit to the hull will leave any transphasic damage dealt in the dust. shields or no shields.