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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Actually, it's a nerf. I've never had a huge problem with them personally. They're not nearly as bad as siphon drones. It may sound like I'm Fed biased, but I play both sides with about 70% of my PvP being on my KDF toons. I always feel dirty when I team with siphon drone users.
They got a buff in Hull.
They now have as much hull or more than 6 of the Fed Cruisers, 13 of the Fed Science vessels and 10 of the fed Fed escorts.
Its ridiculus for a pet class to have that many hitpoints and if they where to reduce them to say half that amount it would solve alot of the Danubes issues since they would be alot easier to kill off in combat. As it is now they are as sturdy as any player vessel.

At least Siphon Drones are slated to be nerfed into being more balanced and easier to both resist and fight against in combat.
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