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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We can't all be that lucky.
the up time reduction is a good start, now do something about the hitpoints. shields AND 20k hull

solution 1- cut the hull at least in half. i think the next most hit point heavy non frigate pet has no more then 5k health.

solution 2- with the hp they have, make then a frigate pet, thus only a dedicated carrier can use them, not flight deck ships

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Danube Runabout carrier pets have the same HPs as a Bird of Prey carrier pet, and less than half the Shield HPs.

While I'm in favor of reviewing their overall effectiveness, I think it's important to keep comparisons like this in perspective.
well, exactly! solution 2 then, they are a frigate that flight deck non carrier ships can use, thats not balanced. the orian flight deck ships cant use 20k hitpoint bops. bops only deal damage too, they arent the single most effective thing in game for controlling enemy movment.

a disposable uber movement controller that has so much hitpoints its pointless to even shot at them is a terrible game ruining experience for everyone. they should be tractor mines that move, thats it. or an actual frigate pet.
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