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11-09-2012, 11:56 AM
i agree with glassguitar, fully!

and i don't like the idea of gimping my hard earned equipment. why else would i grind the MK XII if i cannot use it in PVP?

why would i buy T5 ships and T3,4 ships with their consoles?

cryptic would NEVER implement changes proposed by OP cause it would make all the zen store fluff disposable.

cryptic should start with creating a daily PVP one-hour slot where PVP dill rewards should be doubled, they should create some mechanics for PVP teams, they should offer more maps with different goals, not only 15 kills and base holdings without ANY math, perhaps enable foundry PVP maps creation, free duelling in space and on ground, duelling points..

That would be enough to get more people in. I am sure some of them, which NEVER tried PVP cause it is so ......(fill in).... would actually find it fun and enjoyable and would take a look on the forums to learn more and become better.

Nobody started as a PRO here, even i get blown up by my own bio-neural sometimes!

Remembering entering the arena for the first time in my Hegh'ta BOP full of MKX green energy weapons (a great eye-opener)!

PVP taught me how to really use my ship, how to specialize, play the game effectively choose the right BOFF abilities for the current situation (that is why im having like 10 BOFFS per char), be a strategist.. which also helps a lot in PVE.

If a blond chick from europe can learn it - anyone can, they just need a little incentive..

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