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11-09-2012, 01:02 PM
Brandon asked me for some more information, so here it is.

We have listened to the feedback of the Foundry author community, and have taken steps to encourage our players to play some of the missions created by their fellow players. To that end, we have made some changes to the Investigate Officer Reports daily mission:
  • Fast "clickie" missions are not eligible for daily because they discourage exploring the community authored stories.
  • Longer, well-crafted missions have always granted XP and EC at the end, and will continue to do so. Missions with no combat will also still grant diplomacy points.
  • These longer, well-crafted missions are the ones that will be eligible for the Foundry Daily.
  • Fast, Kill-One-Guy or Click-One-Console missions will not give credit for the daily.
  • Non-combat missions are still eligible for the daily.

A nice side effect of this will be to make the Hot filter more useful, as it will no longer be so dense with short "clickie" missions.

Hope this clarifies things for all of you. And now I have to get back into my hidey-hole, preparing Season 7 patch notes and builds and stuff.