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11-09-2012, 01:13 PM
I have to strenuously disagree with your build above.

You're losing about HALF your potential. First, DHCs will do double the output of your beam arrays. Second, while a DBB build is feasible it will overall do less damage then a comparable DHC build.

Second, you're wasting your tac slots. They're too precious to waste on APB. And yes, I said waste, I mean it. The only real reason to use BAs or DBBs on the Vor'cha is to maximize your available tac skills with FAW and BO. Otherwise if you run cannons you only get 1 skill that affects them (though it is a very good skill, CRF!).

APB is one of those skills you use AFTER you've taken care of the basics. You're using it BEFORE you've got the basics. Without BO or FAW to modify the damage output you're doing a mere fraction of your possible damage.

With the Vor'cha it is maneuverable enough without RCS consoles to keep the DHCs on target. There's no reason not to mount them, at all.