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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
  • Longer, well-crafted missions have always granted XP and EC at the end, and will continue to do so. Missions with no combat will also still grant diplomacy points.
  • These longer, well-crafted missions are the ones that will be eligible for the Foundry Daily.
The original patch note said "Now, only projects that normally reward XP and EC will count towards completion."

So all this did is restate what was already said. It does nothing to help us understand the meaning of the original statement. The only new vague tidbit is the word 'longer', so there appears to be a time based component to this of some type.

If a foundry author wants to craft a mission that can be used for a daily, how do they know they have satisfied this 'magic' formula? Can this be quickly determined as soon as the mission is published?
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