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11-09-2012, 12:39 PM
To stop corruption there could be the option to raise a vote of no confidence in the president of Leader of the High council if it is backed by say 3 other fleet representatives then the President would be removed from office. And any fleets they were found to be favouring would have there representatives removed from the council for 3 months. Logs would be created to show all transactions and decisions made by the council so it would all be visible if one fleet was getting more resources than another so there would be full disclosure visible to all council members.

That is the only thing i can think of for being a deterrent to stop corruption although I'm sure that other people would have other idea's on this. As for making sure that the president would not be biased in the first place is to vote for the person who you think would be the best choice, a good leader, not biased.

All systems can be abused because there is no fool proof way, the idea is to choose wisely.

I've outlined a couple of potential power's a president has with the mutual consent between both leader's for war or peace, if a 3rd faction was introduced then this could also involve forming alliances and other agreements between factions.