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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
What's your opinion on the "right" amount of repair?

While we won't be able to get readily-available test items into player hands prior to the launch of Season 7, they should be hitting Tribble very shortly thereafter - hopefully still prior to when players can obtain them on Holodeck.

The more testing & feedback, the better. Our QA guys have gone over the abilities, but there are only so many hours in a day to test every angle & synergy.
Idk the QA testing mechanics, but I'd say generally speaking simulating multiple players (not NPCs) attacking a target and the target able to tank it w/those passives and a couple of resist consoles than it's too much.

The issue is the RoF (rate of fire) from players vs NPCs is much greater. If you balance along lines of players, PvE focused players will complain about the lack of benefit. On the otherhand if you balance based on NPC RoF it'll be near impossible to break a tank in any reasonable amount of time in PvP.

So, I'd do away w/% based proc's for defensive boosts. Instead, add a small shield resist or small hull resist similar to aegis so it's based on incoming damage type, or the DEM bonus. There's more than enough ways to repair w/Boffs and the diminishing rate of returns on resists has a built in structure to keep it from getting too abusive.

Edit: Or small omni shield resist or slightly better focus shield resist based on energy type to avoid stepping on Eng resist consoles toes.

Edit2: If you're set on repairs, make it so no more than 1 proc w/in 15 sec and no more than 5% of cap shield or hull. Keeping it % based would stop ships designed to be fragile from having obscene heals. This stuff is passive.

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