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First thing's first, what kind of shields are you using? Romulans are one of the first enemies you'll run into where regeneratives really don't help much - they're gone in a couple hits and your hull's exposed for those torpedoes. Romulans hit hard and in high bursts. Covariants are the general wisdom, with resilients next. You can make up for the low regen in powers, but the capacity is either there or it's not. (This isn't to say regenerative shields are junk, they have their place for a hull tanking setup, but that's more difficult than shield tanking, especially against an enemy like Romulans with really nasty kinetic weapons).

Anyway, biggest thing to know fighting Romulans is distance. Tractor beams have a range of 5 km, photonic shockwave has a range of 3 km. Not getting hit with either of these is halfway towards not getting killed by the torpedoes. If you do get caught in a tractor beam, Polarize Hull will break it.

Next, whenever possible, head towards their aft. If approaching from the side, angle behind them. If forced to engage head on, hit evasive maneuvers and pass them. If you're not in the front 90 degrees, you won't have to worry about Viral Matrix or the torpedoes. Engineering Team will clear viral matrix if you get hit.

Third, dealing with the heavy torpedoes when they're fired: Turn and run, use an AOE power like torpedo spread or fire at will to shoot down the torpedoes. They're hard to hit, but don't give up, even if they're a few inches away from hitting when you finally get them, they still do zero damage.

Last, surviving if it comes to it: Tactical team will redirect power into the shield facings taking damage, and is one of the bread-and-butter powers every build has. Having two copies of Emergency Power to Shields will let you keep your shields hardened constantly, substantially reducing incoming fire. One torpedo shouldn't be too bad if you can stop two.

The last ditch, if you're about to take all three hits in a heavy salvo because other powers are on cooldown, Polarize Hull, Brace for Impact, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity, Emergency Power to Shields, and Tactical team can give you a fighting chance to survive it, and Hazard Emitters will put out the hull fires and start healing you back up afterwards.

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