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11-09-2012, 01:13 PM
i agree with you, the term council implies something quite small in origin, perhaps i should of called it a senate. But essentially if you look at government round the world the United Nations etc it still seems to work and the UN for example is still admitting countries and that seems to work fine. The idea is not to have meetings because scheduling would be a nightmare which is why i suggested a messaging system so that each representative could contact each other and senate business could be conducted this way using this system.

The reason you would have one person being the representative is so that you don't have 25 ppl from the same fleet screaming for the same thing, it would be a nightmare to navigate with lots and lots of messages potentially about the same thing over and over.

As to not liking a select few having more power than the rest. All i can say to that is the representative would be selected by the fleet whether it be appointment by the fleet leader or a selection process within the fleet for the representative, for the most part he would be a mouth piece for the fleet, if anything's needed etc for fleet missions. The power is really very limited as they cant tell you how to play the game, only things they have any say over is whether there are PVP zones in the exploration zones or if they are safe to travel without being attacked and to get the resources for your projects if any is needed.

It could also be used if Devs need feedback regarding anything as it would be a way other than the forums to get a response to a question or request or something.