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11-09-2012, 01:14 PM
1. Stop mail system sending duplicate mail to account when they have more than one character in a fleet. I'm amazed that this still happens after all this time.

2. Tractor beams on every ship and tractor beam objectives. Not strong, maybe the highest strength could be Captain level so that level 50 players can't use them in PvP or in Elite STF.

Give players the tractor beam to play with as soon as they play the game without needing to find or train boff. I think this is more Trek because it is such an iconic technology.

3. Territory game but not Faction v Faction, I think that is going to bring this game more problems than it is worth. Feds and Klingons playing together like in STF against elite level NPC is what I want.

That way the territories can be anywhere in the galaxy against any race and NPC does not sleep so the fight will be constant. The more territory players take the more rewards for players who took part.

I also think they should avoid territory battle if our Starbases are not involved. Would like to see the ability to use doffs through territory related assignments and contribute resources much like we do in our bases. How this effects the battle I'm not sure, it could be that when take and hold lets say a planetoid. We will need a pre-prepared package of resources and manpower to build a mining facility.

I'm sure Cryptic have thought about it. I just fear they go down the road of faction v faction and create another type of PvP which we all know does not work well in this game.