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11-09-2012, 02:07 PM
Crafting: That'd require a complete rework of the crafting system, and possibly even how items work. I very much doubt that they'd do something like that anytime soon, particularly given how they've hobbled the current system with the high Dil costs for higher rank items.

Exploration: For any captain other than Tac, it'd end up 'go around and press F' based on what Cryptic has done in the past... not particularly exciting.
Astrometric lab idea sound like it'd just be a different version of the cluster interface,but with more permanency. Which would be great if you didn't have to abandon certain missions because your away team fell through the planet...

Fleet Planet: Personal customization projects? Interesting idea, does everyone see what you've purchased, or just you?

Political System: Sounds incredibly boring and would likely have no real power to influence the game anyway.