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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
Please territory wars.
Yep, single shard territory wars! Can see the announcements now...

The KDF have captured Zone X #1!
Starfleet have captured Zone X #2!
Starfleet have captured Zone X #3!
The KDF have captured Zone X #4!
Nobody succeeded in capturing Zone X #5!
randomguy@fakeaccount has acquired a heavy Jem'Hadar escort!

Yep, can see those announcements now...

edit: Though, this would be offset by what I've said in a few threads about it being about who wins the most of those instanced fights.

Fleet Admiral Geist, Klingon Science Officer - U.S.S. Arcadia, Benthan Assault Cruiser
U.S.S. Endless, Hazari Destroyer - U.S.S. Deogen, Phantom Intel Escort
U.S.S. Naked Sun, Hirogen Apex Battle Cruiser - U.S.S. K'Dyr, D'Kyr Science Vessel

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