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Originally Posted by pwecanbiteme View Post
Killing the daily mission isn't going to get them running into your arms either. But grats on removing it. You should be so proud.

If people didn't have to grind so much, they'd probably have to time to try out player missions. Now that the burden has been increased and increased further in your quest to force people to your work, people will be less likely to partake.

Careful what you wish for!
Some people are determined to deny themselves the best story content in the game. That's fine, they can go grind something else if that's all they want to do. I don't want 'em. I want the people who don't care about getting more and more dilithium for dubious rewards for which there isn't any content progression that requires the best gear anyway.

I want people who appreciate story, for whom entertaining playtime is its own reward, and people who are mostly like that but who just need a little bit of a carrot to lean them that way. I hope this is progress toward getting those people.

But that's not what this thread is about and I apologize for derailing it.
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