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STO is all about bridge officer abilities, power settings and weapon selection. Hear is a build for your ship that should make it effective, even if your only using white gear. Just set your power levels to the standard full power to weapons setting and you will be golden.

Weapons: 6 beam arrays. Damage type unimportant. (plasma is a good choice for pve as its usually cheaper then other types on the exchange and the plasma fire de buff hits hull regardless of the status of the targets shields.)

Consoles: 1 tactical console that enhances your chosen damage type. 1 RCS accelerator, 2 plasma distribution manifolds. 1 field generator or shield emitter amplifier

Shield: Resilient or covariant. (I favour resilient myself, as I get plenty of shield regeneration from abilities, but some like covariant)
Deflector: Positron (this kind gives good defensive skill bonusses, other kinds of deflectors are better suited to using specific abilities)
Engines: Regular impulse engines (combat impulse engines are a waist as with player skills your engine power setting should be approaching medium levels even when you have it set low.)

Bridge officer abilities:

Lieutenant Tactical: Tactical team 1, Tactical team 2. (keeping this buff running all the time is invaluable, you can use doffs to shorten the re-use time and swap the second tac team for another ability but this isn't necessary)

Lieutenant Science: Polarize hull 1, Hazard emitters 2. (hazard emitters is a good hull heal and polarize hull is a good resistance boost, having these abilities also allows you to ignore tractor beams and put out plasma fire)

Lieutenant Commander Engineering: Emergency power to shields 1, Emergency power to shields 2, Auxiliary to structural integrity field 2. (A dead player ship contributes no damage, auxiliary to structural gives a good hull damage resistance as well as being relatively quick to re-use and not sharing a cool down with tactical team making it a better hull heal then engineering team. Emergency power to shields isn't the best shield heal, but it has a relatively short re-use if you stack it and gives a good shield damage resistance.)

Ensign Engineering: Emergency Power to weapons/engines 1(depending on player preference, Emergency power to engines helps you to close or retreat and is arguably more useful to a good player, but emergency power to weapons gives you a strait up damage bonus for a more hands off play style.).

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