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What do you hope to gain
Sorak: I am Commander Sorak of the Romulan Star Navy - Extreme Defence Division.

The ship you are aboard is one of five... and her keel will be laid in five years, your time.

In 7 years, Ambassador Dacor will orchestrate the second annihilation of the Romulan Star System, as well as Mol'Rihan, New Remus, Rator III, Kor'Lihan, and Gorkani VII.

Countless Billions will be killed and the Romulan and Reman species will be on the verge of extinction.

5 days later, an assault by our mutual ancient enemy will annihilate what is left of our peoples and send three stars into a state of Supernova. The three stars will be: Sol, Qo'nos, and Cardassia.

We left once it became apparent that no amount of preparation would save the last refuge of our peoples.

The 3563 people on this ship represent the final survivors of the Romulan and Reman species.

Only 1072 of us are Reman.

Reman Officer: Our colonies were closer to the Enemy Fleet when they attacked. Also, Dacon's bioweapon was faster on us than the Romulans.

Sorak: Praetor Vala's last order before Romulus was destroyed was for the Allied Fleet to mobilise and defend the Romulan and Reman Colony worlds that had survived until the death.

She also activated protocol Grey-13.

Darov: Commander, does he truly need to know this?

Sorak: Grey-13 won't be devised for 2 more years. The protocol states that in time of extreme threat, all steps necessary must be taken to preserve the Romulan and Reman peoples.

It took 3 weeks to determine how much Red Matter would be necessary to travel back 5 years...

Evidently we got a decimal point wrong.
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