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11-09-2012, 03:49 PM
I just realized something. Maybe he's taking all this damage because people read his threads, think he's an idiot, and then specifically target him so that he takes these numbers and thinks he's right.

Just a thought.

That being said, on to my 2 cents. Not living in PvP? Um... well ok, that's probably why they're called deathmatches. I have been demolished in PvP on a regular basis, but my cruisers never fall in under 10 seconds. Ever.

There are just too many defensive abilities you can employ. As Tactical abilities go, combine TT1 with APD2. As engineering abilities go, well I can write an entire paragraph on that, but let's just go with EPtS + Aux2SIF for now, since both of those provide an immediate and somewhat powerful defensive buff. And let's not forget RSP. Then as science abilities go, you have TSS (that thing OP. seriously OP), and HE, and again, both provide immediate and somewhat strong defensive buffs. THEN we get into the actual captain abilities. RSF provides a large regeneration bonus in addition to a strong defensive buff to your shields. Then you hit BFI and Miracle worker. Suddenly, you have a cruiser that can come back from the brink of death and be at almost full shields and most of it's hull.

And this was before I picked up my Odyssey. The things I listed I ran on my AC. The FREE AC. Not even the defensive king. But it lives.

Sooo I fail to see how you get dropped in under 10 seconds, even with 3 escorts on you. Unless you get a subnuke AND viral matrix AND they somehow put all your abilities on cd, I don't see anyone who is even slightly awake dying that fast. Don't take me wrong when I call BS, but I call BS. Cruisers have too many possible defensive abilities and they have the ability to stack defenses. The engineering consoles may have diminishing returns, but in all honesty, the ability to reduce damage by almost 50% with 4 neutroniums alone makes me want to call bs even more.

I can tell you right now, a properly constructed Odyssey that is specced towards damage can survive with ease. I know for a fact that the Galaxy-R is even tankier and has more HP and defensive abilities. With that, how are you dying?
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