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11-09-2012, 04:06 PM
To those pointing out strategies to maximize the effectiveness of Fire At Will for cruisers...

Yes. It is possible to make FAW do very high damage by reducing or eliminating the power drain.


Fact is, it requires extensive support from EPTW, batteries, doffs, nadion inversion, and who even knows what other crazy strategies are out there, in order to make this work. You end up having to devote half your ship to just supporting that one attack if you want to do it often. And in this regard there is a fundamental inequality when it comes to how tactical abilities interact with weapons. Cannons are all about increasing DPS: Straight up, no strings attached, no power bleeding. You mount your cannons, you turn on the scatter volley and things explode. But for beams, FAW is *intensely* power hungry (and basically uncontrollable if you're using lots of beam arrays). It's not all plus, it has serious drawbacks that must be compensated for. In other words: Cannons require tactical slots, Beams require tactical slots AND engineering slots and other resources.