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11-09-2012, 04:09 PM
This build has served me well for elite STF's so far

Temporal Mobius Destroyer:

Tactical Captain

Fore: Chroniton DBB, 2 AP DHC's Mk XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg], Chronitor Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
Aft: 2 AP Turret Mk XII[Acc][CrtH][Borg], 1 Temporal Disruption Device

Deflector: Borg Deflector
Engines: Omega Hyper Impulse Engines Mk XII (Tetryon Glider setup) or MACO Impulse Engines
Shields: MACO Mk XII Shields (Tetryon Glider setup) or MACO MK XII Shields
Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Generator

Eng: EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI, Borg Universal Assimilated Module
Sci: Manheim Device, Tipler Cylinder, Tachyokinetic Converter, Field Generator Mk XI
Tac: 4x Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XI

Cmdr.Tac - Tac-Team 1, Cannon Scatter Volley 1, Torp-Spread3, AP-Beta3
Lt.Cmdr.Uni - Hazard Emitters1, Sci-Team2, Tractor Beam Repulsors 2
Lt.Tac - Beam Overload 1, Cannon Scatter Volley 1
LT.Uni - EPtS1, AuxToStructural1
Ens.Eng - EPtS1

-2 Torpedo Cooldown Projectile Officers
-2 Tactical Team Cooldown Officers
-1 Subnuc Energy Weapons Officer

Tractor Beam Repulsors serve two purposes:
1) keep Borg attackers away their objectives
2) destroy incoming borg high yield plasma torpedoes

[Borg] procs will easily outpace [Dmg]x2 procs in STF's, though this mechanic will disappear in S7.

Since the Temporal Warfare set boosts chroniton projectile damage, and Chroniton torps + TS3 = lots of slowed opponents, you might as well abuse the combo to meet elite STF bonus objectives more easily.

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