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11-09-2012, 05:24 PM
PMB, really now?
I don't want my account to be banned or censored so I'll just say this.

Please use the torrent option. You will save yourself a million times less technical issues, headaches, and hassles. uTorrent is a great no-install tiny torrent client.

Torrenting is 100% legal as long as it is something that is able to be freely distributed. So if you use the torrent file provided on the download page and help torrent the file you are NOT breaking any laws, ever!

I have to say this because the way the US media portrays torrenting as something evil or illegal is complete BS. Linux users in particular use torrents to distribute ISOs (CD Images) of their various flavors of the operating system they use. Many (good) F2P games have torrenting as an option.

In another NcSoft debacle, they force PMB onto their users and neglect to even include a torrenting option. Their 'A' game is pretty good (if you don't mind the broken and unfair PvP where numbers > gear > luck > RNG > skill) but the forced PMB is a dealbreaker for many people and they lost a lot of interest after the F2P launch because of it. They haven't recovered from that and have been forced to cater to the non-English market to make ends meet.


PMB has major technical and privacy issues that have already been analyzed by a fantastic friend of mine from the 'A' game whose name I can't type out here for w/e reason.

These include:

-a spyware-ish addon stealth-installed into your browser (mostly IE but also some other browsers)

-throttling upload which means it sucks up as much upload bandwidth as it can which means it slows down nearly EVERYTHING you do on your computer.

-excessive data writes to your hard drive which wears it out faster (though this happens if you overdo it on downloading/uploading/using a hard drive anyways)

-downloading data for transfer to others for GAMES YOU DO NOT EVEN PLAY (confirmed by my friend that data for other random PMB-enabled games like LotRO and LoL were being downloaded/distributed w/o his knowledge or consent)

-PMB uses 'torrenting' technology but it doesn't have a visible UI and the control panel sometimes has to be run in admin mode in Win7 for the changes to 'stick'.

-PMB torrents may be 'tainted' by bad data. Without a visible UI (like any other torrent client) you can't monitor or discard 'bad data' and several of the PMB torrents have been analyzed by techie people to determine that malicious people have been altering and messing with the files already. This poses serious security and stability implications.

-Just use regular torrents, please! Help yourself and help other fellow gamers! Torrents are SAFE and most decent clients like uTorrent automatically monitor and discard 'bad' data or data that doesn't match the right checksum. In other words, the data you get will be good. There ARE ways around it that are inherant flaws in the torrent system itself but for most purposes that can be fixed with the launcher which verifies the files and replaces bad ones.

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