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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
TSS itself is not OP it becomes very powerful when you add RSF to it though and frankly under fire you'd be silly not to
I was just joking. It's not OP, far from it, but it is VERY powerful, especially with maxed Aux. I would know, if I hit TSS2 with Aux at 125, sufficed to say it takes a HUGE amount of damage to get my shields down. If I combine that with EPtS1, my shields usually won't go down, or if they do, it takes long enough that I can either make the target hurt badly, or other buffs come off cd and I can hit them.

And I agree, you hit RSF + TSS + EPtS, and suddenly your shields become invulnerable to everything short of the most bursty escorts/borg uber crits. I once had the pleasure of using RSF + TSS3 + EPtS3 with my aux maxed, and my shields shot up from gone to full in under 4 seconds. Then they stayed at around 70% for the next 30 seconds. It was quite... amazing. It should be noted I had 5 spheres and a tac cube firing on me.

So I fail to see how you can get wasted easily if you have your cruiser set up right. Even with only EPtS1 and TSS2, my shields are hard to bring down without some kind of drain. And if I hit EPS transfer and Nadion Inversion with the EPtS and TSS going, and then I hit an RSF, other than being a complete waste of my abiltiies, it makes my shields almost invincible. Til I get subnuked XD
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