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11-09-2012, 04:27 PM
Explosion FX props do splash damage, so it should be possible to create an explosion cluster trap that kills the player, knocking them back to the last respawn point (can we set respawn points in Foundry?). It's just a matter of sorting out the right trigger logic.

The chasing explosions idea I mentioned before, for example: if you could figure out the right spacing between the leading edge of the trigger bubbles and the explosion clusters they set off, you could force the player to keep moving at X velocity or above if he/she wants to survive.

The problem isn't really creating an exciting kill condition, but rather figuring out how to reset the trap after a respawn. Hmm, I gotta go try some stuff now....

Worst comes to worst, if there isn't a way to reset the trap, you could rewrite it so the player is killed by the trap, but then wakes up outside (or maybe in sickbay) with a boff (or quest NPC) telling them they narrowly escaped but the player got knocked out out in the process, or were beamed out the last second or something. Like the conversation when you first get into the cube, but as a post climactic cooldown instead (though in this case that would require changing the first conversation to avoid narrative repetition).

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