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11-09-2012, 05:38 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Any dev posts about this possibility or is it just wishful thinking? I haven't paid any attention to reputation stuff.
part wishfull thinking, part obvious.
they will add that Reputation Sytem to EVERYTHING now...
i expect to get at least 2 more Reputation Trees / Tabs with every Season to keep the grind going.
in the last P1 interview with Geko they've gone through the list of what is *possible* with it and they mentioned pretty much every Species and System down to "PVP Reputation".
These 2 Borg + Rom are just the beginning.

Geko did not mention the Foundry, but it is only a logical assumption that at some point it will get in their crosshair too (and imho the foundry needs it the most to make people play that stuff, of course first the exploit had to go i had hoped when the clickes go that they would be replaced with something really NEW AND SHINY, but for now, it only hurts the daily dilithium production GAME WIDE, i expect that Dilithium Exchange number to go slowly up again now. add the nerfed STFs too that... uff... that will hurt.)