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11-09-2012, 05:40 PM
I don't pug many STFs, but, speaking as someone who does a lot of PvP, it seems like it's the fleets with Elite in their name that always die the easiest

The respawn time doesn't change with how often you do it.

If you have a team that can get their act together and not run off in every direction and get themselves killed, here is the most efficient way of clearing that room:

Use no pets. Engineers, deploy no toys. This means no Fabrication kits - use Enemy Neutralization or Equipment Technician.

Clear center platform. Do not aggro any other Borg. Pulsewaves are okay, but no other AoE weapons.

Clear the near right platform. You can speed this up by using knockback attacks (pulsewave secondary, sniper rifle secondary, melee) to knock the borg into the plasma instead of killing them yourself. Start the right platform.

Move to the far right platform. Clear and start.

Clear the far center platform of borg.

Move to the far left platform. Clear and start.

Move to the near left platform. Clear and start.

Blow the generator, spread out, use hard cover, and kill Rebecca.