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11-09-2012, 05:19 PM
When I read that people say they have small fleet and this fix is screwing them, I wonder. Is anyone actually expecting to build up their starbase at the same pace that a fleet with ten times the number of members is ?

Granted, they took a looooonnnggg time to do something to prevent the one-click foundry abuse, but fixing something that wasn't intended from the start can't serously be seen as "screwing someone over".

I refused to do the clickies for a long time out of principle but have to admit that I weakened later on when I discovered that using those missions was something everyone was doing without hesitation.

My hope is that they succeed in making the Foundry rewards worthwhile, so that we as players can not only enjoy the hard work of dedicated authors but can at the same time work towards our goals ingame (be it gear or resources for bases etc.)