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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
People keep using the word "exploit" like it's a cardinal sin that should end all discussion.

The reality of the situation is that it was the will of the market, the customer base, reflected in playing habits. It is a sign that the game has been made into too much of a resource grind. The true problem was not the use of the "exploit," but the crushing grind that drove people to it in the first place.[/i]
I don't really buy the argument. Let's say that STO's system was entirely fair and reasonable according to whatever standards you have. But, let's say there was a npc at ESD who was just giving away 1440 dilithium, due to an exploit.

People would be standing at that npc 24/7 no matter how reasonable or unreasonable the grinding is. It's free stuff through an exploit. People would do it for the sole reason that it saved them a trip through sector space or something.

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