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Lot's of excellent info here, especially re: build. So let me discuss tactics as they are just as important. Almost everyone has gone thru this so don't feel alone. You can go back thru old forum posts and find pages of posts on "How do I kill Romulan ships?" and "How do I survive Romulan ships?". I usually try to set myself up prior to the approach. Pause a moment (if possible) and allow all your BoFF skills to recharge. Before attack I buff up every DPS skill I have for an Alpha strike. The Romulan BOP's are usually no big deal. The Mogwai (sp?) and D'Deridex are the two buggers. The D'Deridex, especially. Remember their hulls are not strong. They're shields are their main defense. So go in hot and strip a facing shield as fast as you can. At the same time try and stay more than 5k away. Within 5k you will trigger their secondary attacks, especially the D'Deridex. Keep "Brace for Impact" ready. If caught by the tractor beam you can bet a string of Plasma torps are on their way. If you can hit BFI just before they hit you can usually survive. If you can buff shields THEN brace you definitely will survive. Beam Fire At Will can often take most or all of the torps out before they reach you (provided, of course, you're running Beam Arrays or Beam Banks). Cannon: Scatter Volley... not so much. Once you strip a facing shield try and keep fire focused on that side. Both Romulan Big Birds have light weight hulls and you can eat them away pretty quick once the shields are down. Don't be afraid to hit evasive and "get outta Dodge"... swing out, heal, then swing back in. The Mogwai will pursue some... the D'Deridex, not really. Hope this helps.
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