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11-09-2012, 05:44 PM
Then again, I'm thinking of a sci/sci. If a tac was in it, it would be higher, but still not escort high. I think the difference between CRF3 + APO1 + APD1 + 4 DHC's vs. CRF2 + APD1 + 3 DHC's (or APO1 + CRF1 + APD1 + 3 DHC's) can't be overlooked. Any way you slice it, the escort is going to have substantially more spike potential.
The issue is that the sensor analysis makes up for the loss of the extra front cannon. Add to that the better average cannon dps due to them draining aux not weapons and it's getting a lot tighter on the escorts, not to mention you can throw the deflector in there for extra punch on the alpha. It probably is going to be behind, but even without the deflector i think it works out at around a 33% boost compared to the fleet defiant/bug. Compared to around a +120% advantage with current best sci ships, thats not a good situation. Not to mention a vesta using a dbb BO packs about 5% moe punch than the fleet defiant on it.

It's not so much the vesta can hit as hard as an escort, as it can get very close whilst having a ton of capabilities an escort simply dosen't have.