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Wall of text alert but I think some may like it and I have too much to say on the subject.

Ok, this thread started with cruiser torpedo being nerfed compare to escort. For instance torpedo spread being more devastating on escort than cruiser because there is more torp in the spread. Well I can answer that real easy, TS2 if you have only a lt tac bof slot and ts3 if you have a lt com bof slot. I have the assault cruiser refit and odyssey tactical and TS3 has as much torp in each as my tac escort or carrier escort so I don't see the problem with that I get as much torp in one or the other.

The only thing that doesn't sit well with me is power drain from beam array compare to cannon. Cruiser are supposed to have big powerful warp core and they can`t sustain power to beam array, something doesn't add up. I get more power drain from 6 beam array than from 4 dhc and 3 turrets with crf on tiny defiant. How come starfleet didn't desing its big heavy cruiser to sustain the power drain from its weapon? That point is not what I would call a "cannon" thingy but mostly a common sense point of view, it just doesn't seem logical to me. And beam shouldn't be the second least powerful weapon in game. In my humble opinion they should be on par with single cannon or better, and they should get a bonus damage from the capacity of the warp core powering it, hence a big cruiser with its big warp core could do great damage where it wouldn't be as efficient on a Defiant.

As for cruiser been so under powered as been useless, and even worse if its an engineer piloting it, I totally disagree, we're don't do as much damage as escort but its enough to grab agro from NPC without threat control, enough to grab 1st and 2nd place often in starbase 24, gorn, klingon space, and with escort present and I'm not talking about skittles boat. Its enough to take probe duty in KA, kill all probe, get cube out and kill it while still killing all the probe just tanking cube while I take care of probe. I wouldn't call that useless. I do all that with my engineer character with all my cruisers which are, mirror assault cruiser, mirror star cruiser, assault cruiser, fleet heavy cruiser, odyssey tactical cruiser and last one assault cruiser refit.

So I don't see a problem with cruiser been underpowered, it more of a problem that escort can tank almost as well as cruisers. That is the problem which will be solved in part with recent change to shield distr dof and borg set. I've been to tribble testing the new stuf and it does make quite a difference, my tac toon can't tank half as well as it used to with 3 pces borg set which is now 2 pces. I find myself bugging out often to heal and wait for buffs cd to be over so I can go back in where shield proc would have given me the time to hang in there and keep blasting away or just to hit bfi and have my 3 purple shield distr doff regen my shield in no time since I tend to get agro a lot with my defiant and now fleet defiant and Jem'Hadar Attack ship. The more I got hit the better the regen. Combine just those 2 and with standard bof healing power you could stay alive long enough to blow up almost anything you're shooting at before they blew you up. On the other hand, I don't notice much in my playing style with my engineer in his cruiser of even when I fly escort, I used only 2 pces borg anyway and can do without when console isn't linked to it anymore, I know I tried

So if you're not doing enough damage to be usefull something doesn't add up. I won't say l2p but I would say, try another set up the one your using isn't working.
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