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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
It really does not have escort spike ability. The minus 1 DHC makes a pretty big difference by itself for spike. Then add to that no attack pattern alpha, no fleet attack pattern (or w/e it's called), no attack pattern omega 3 or CRF3, no go down fighting. It will be the most offensively oriented Sci ship for sure, but there's no way it will have anything close to a fully buffed alpha strike from an escort.

Then again, I'm thinking of a sci/sci. If a tac was in it, it would be higher, but still not escort high. I think the difference between CRF3 + APO1 + APD1 + 4 DHC's vs. CRF2 + APD1 + 3 DHC's (or APO1 + CRF1 + APD1 + 3 DHC's) can't be overlooked. Any way you slice it, the escort is going to have substantially more spike potential.

However, it will still be a rival for best ship in the game, mainly because of its versatility.
it will hit as hard as every escort build that includes a torp or DBB, were the BO misses or the torp hit shields harmlessly. more often then not, this is what happens to non 4 DHC escorts.

captain tac powers with just CRF 1 will deal more damage, and more useful damage, then an 8 beam array cruiser. maybe even a 4 single cannon cruiser. its the usefulness of spike thats the problem. before this ship, sci ships could just befuddle, not deal much in the way of damage. the vesta will add significantly to the spike available for focus fireing, dealing the right damage at the right time, to vastly increase kill chance.

a tac captain in the vesta with a LTC tac or TLC eng with a 2 AtB build will have global cannon ability up time, just like an escort. the only thing it could be missing is any APO, the weakest of all damage buffing tac abilities. SNB and sensor scan turning off someones resistance will be basically as effective at dealing damage as staked tac powers as well. thats why sci/escorts can be so dangerous.

there is no getting around it, its a monstrously op mary sue ship that makes a significant number of other ships in the game worthless by comparison, and not just other sci ships.
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