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... Snip ...

But I will say this. As ships go, Fleet Tor'Kaht is OP. Btw biteme, I bought it, flew it, and still haven't gotten out of it. That ship... freakin wet dream.
KDF Vet ship is better, fyi.

But, let's be honest they're different playstyles too. Feds have better Sci ships, Repair Support Cruisers, and damage potential from their Escorts. This fits a balanced team which can control a small area.

KDF have better ability to pick when and for how long a fight will last. The better DPS Cruisers and BC in general work w/this. They have the ability to hit, withdraw, and strike again.

But, lotto ships have been power creeping past the general faction roles. Other power creep has been introduced as well (various rare doffs, dual proc weapons etc).

But, you're basic point is correct. The majority of Feds are casual players who aren't good nor interested in being good at PvP. But, the high end Feds and KDF PvPers seem about the same to me at this point lotto ships can easily set them apart though.