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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
YKlingons are OP. The klingons themselves, NOT THEIR SHIPS. The veteran captains who levelled their feds, and then made klinks and then used all that they learned to get better. I know this for a fact. My klink can probably wipe the floor with my fed. Not cuz of ships, but because of skills, and other things I applied AFTER learning.
Again word of Overpowered, it ain't right word to use - Feds can't accept that the majority of KDF players are heavily experienced veterans at this game that know how to fit, skill and spec a toon; in short its a mix of arrogance and ignorance.

Anyway I seem to be getting strong support for a "Feds are Idiots Thread" So anyone that has got constructive criticism or feedback of what feds do wrong please pm it to me. I'll create a list of notes. I know arrogance is a strong one that I'm going to use.

Also in response to pvp - you should see what happens to pvp queues after a KDF premade appears at commander level. Hell should see what happens to a warzone like Kerrat when a whole squadron of KDF who are not fed alts in BOPs but fully loaded and armed for combat in Battlecruisers at commander/captain level. Within one round the whole area is fed free. They just don't expect people who know how to fight or use their ships and skills. (hint to those who may have faced me in Kerrat, spamming all your heals and buffs at once just makes it easier for me to kill you) Actually in short, if you learn to pvp in this game, you WILL become a better player overall.

Also forgot to mention, the original poster is so obviously trolling it ain't funny. Why aren't these sort of threads locked immediately?

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