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11-09-2012, 06:25 PM
The shield boost is negligible, the real benefit you get from that perk is increased heals from TSS and Extend shields. Which has the side effect of only really being worth it to dedicated healers or support tanks. where almost every one else ever will gain a benefit from more crits. I think the issue is some skills scale poorly end game. Add 30 to your starship weapon skill and its worth a decent amount, all those extra few points add up rather fast with a rapid fire rate. Shield heal boost not so much as its used far less frequently, and runs for a small number. Add to it again that 3% crit boost is acctually rather strong as a CritH x3 weap only gives that weap a 6% boost and the crit passive aplies 1.5 CritH mods to all weapons.

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