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11-09-2012, 06:54 PM
The things that could have made the adventure zone special is unique items or great story.

I played the mission after unlocking tier 1, "go click on 6 containers", and it was just insulting.
The very first thing I thought to myself was "this is certainly worthy of an admiral's attention, what I am mopping the floor next?".

And about shields, I always totally ignore ground shields as there are too many npc abilities that just clean wipe them anyway.
Not that I care greatly about my crit chance either

I'd much rather be given a new ability or item with an animation.

And so, so far the most exciting part about season 7 is the bug sprays; you get them for free, they have an animation and they have no cooldown.
I definitely plan on going to new romulus just to fill all my bridge officers inventory up and watch the fun unfold.
Then I will place my boff in front of the transporter pad there and go afk for the next 2 days until the next gate.

The idea of breeding pets is potentially great, only they don't do anything. Why I rather spend days just to start the whole thing, or, spend 50 k EC's on the exchange for another useless pet ?

I look at all of season 7 as a sideline project running next to my actual gameplay, only problem is they took that away when they killed stf :/

I never tried a game before that blocked me from putting in work at my convinience so I don't know how I will take it but we will see