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11-09-2012, 08:21 PM
Time for my own little CSE PuGging story - this one with a happier ending than most

Most of the time I hang out on the PublicEliteSTF channel but once in a while, when it's slow I PuG a game or two - usually KAGE or ISE 'cause they're pretty straightforward even for the most horrible teams but for some masochistic reason, this time I found myself in Cure.

I arrive in my Tac/Chimera to be greeted by a Tac/Escort, a Regent, and Oddy and a Sovvy. Hmm... OK...

No discussion whatsoever in chat so I do what I usually do in these scenarios, hang back and wait to see who does what.

Tac/Escort heads straight for the middle cube and starts blasting probes - 'OK...' thinks I - 'maybe this guy knows MRRMLL'

Looking at the cruisers, they all veer off to the left - something that nobody that 'knows' CSE ever does - it's either right (if you're inexperienced - or very experienced) or middle if you know the drill.

At this point there's no one on Kang and my instincts are that even if the cruisers were, they wouldn't be able to defend it. Tac/Escort looks confident doing what he's doing so I take a gamble and head right - take out the BoPs and start on the probes.

Cruiser group meanwhile is getting nowhere - they're sitting at maximum range from the cube ineffectively tickling it with a rainbow of colors and occasionally taking their frustration out on the BoPs as they appear. Every so often one of them pops and disappears to respawn limbo. One in particular has 12 or so damaged systems *sigh*

So I finish the probes, take out the BoPs, the Neg, the Raptor and shoot a /t to Tac/Escort: "If I blow this cube, can you handle the Raptors your side?" - "np" comes the response so I take a deep breath, die once (damn one-shots) and blow the cube.

Two things happen - Tac/Escort - good to his word chains all his Tac buffs and starts nuking his Raptors. At the same moment all three cruisers disappear to respawn limbo *pop!* gone.

I hightail it over to the middle cube as Tac/Escort's got it down to around 10% and help finish it off before he pops Evasive and I burn some Deuterium to get to the left cube. Cruiser group hasn't respawned yet.

Between the two of us we bury the Negs and start dismantling the probes (they're all still there - the cruisers hadn't gotten a single one) - probes, Neg, Raptor, probes. By this time the cruisers are back but each time something spawns (the Neg, the Raptor) they're just as quickly gone again.

With the last spawn of Negs, me and Tac/Escort open fire on the cube - it's gone in seconds and I Evasive back to the Kang whilst he opens fire on the Negs from behind. In front I see cruisers exploding. Again.

Kang warps out and I head back to see two Negs remaining - one heavily damaged - it doesn't take long to finish them. The assimilated cruiser spawns and Tac/Escort and myself juggle aggro back and forth for a minute I guess until it explodes.

Cruiser group warps out immediately without saying a word as I type my customary (for 'challenging' stfs) 'thx everyone' in Zone chat. Once they'd left I chatted a bit with Tac/Escort about how it was a miracle that things didn't go completely pear-shaped.

Best part? We got the optional
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