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Hi Brandon,

I've had jobs all my life. One thing that my jobs have taught me is that the customer is always right. Make sure to pass that along to your team as well. Not showing who is waiting to play on the list is obviously not a popular choice.
I have also worked in with customers. They are not always right. Sometimes they are plain wrong, and other times they are totally silly.

I had a guy argue with me that, despite the fact that the Filet of Fish Meal + Medium Drink on the order screen added up to $4.99* like the menu board said, he should only have to pay the $3.49 the screen listed as the reader board said and not the additional $1.50 it said for the drink, simply because the screen said 'meal' and 'meal' should include the drink.

The menu said the price, and the total said the same price, yet he argued, held up drive thru, and also got other customers behind him to try and explain how it worked.

He was wrong, or at least silly, just because he had some idea how he thought it should work, even thought it clearly (to everyone else) didn't work that way, and in fact worked exactly as planned, and effectively.

*arbitrary example price.